There is something deeply embedded in our consciousness about flight, of being airborne high above, where boundaries become arbitrary and meaningless. With this all-encompassing view, flight’s ultimate and most valuable gift, we are able to see ourselves and each other in light of our greatest and smallest accomplishments, and are offered a temporary sanctuary from everyday life on the ground.

While this work began from a deep appreciation of those attributes, as the series progressed I was led to more foreboding reminders. From its very beginning, the phenomenon of flight has been an undeniably relevant tool of war, and as such, at the epicenter of moral complexity. My focus then turned to the socio-economic, specifically the airplane’s adaptable capability to both service the heroic rescue of the innocent and facilitate the opportunistic enrichment of the greedy, often simultaneously.

In the end, this work speaks mostly about our innate pragmatism and the fact that nothing remains truly, or at least entirely, benign.

Inkjet prints, 24 x 24 in. ea.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons: Attribution-Noncommercial-Share Alike